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Yoga Training Certificate

Learn with us, work with us!

200 Hour Yoga Certification Course

This yoga teacher training is appropriate for the serious student who would like to start teaching yoga, as well as the student who would like to deepen their own knowledge and personal practice.

At ALY, our aim is to make yoga a base for fitness. Join our training program to be ALY Certified. This will allow us to provide you with students to run your own class on our platform.

Program Main Features:

- Philosophy of Yoga & its different streams

- ALY program of asanas, pranayama, meditation

- Yogic Diet & Yoga Therapy

- Anatomy & Physiology

- Online class teaching techniques

- Presentation & Technology training

- Theory and Practical sessions throughout the course

Duration: 200 hours


- Physically fit with some prior knowledge of Yoga

- Good people skills

- Passionate about Yoga

- Technology savvy

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online yoga class
online yoga classes

"“Change only happens in the present moment. The past is already done. The future is just energy and intention.” 

Kino MacGregor

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