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Yoga Classes for Kids

Ages 6-12

Focus, Balance & Strength to last a lifetime

Program Overview


Movements that strengthen and condition the muscles in your eye structure. Improve vision, treat symptoms of dry eye, and decrease eye strain.



For better blood flow to brain and help maintain serotonin levels.

(Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. It also helps with sleeping, eating, and digestion.)



The physical benefits are strength, stability, coordination and improved posture. Off the mat, balance asanas helps in relieving stress and reducing inner tension. Also, they improve focus, concentration and memory.



When one is stronger & more flexible, posture improves. Yoga poses to develop core strength, since one needs core muscles to support & maintain each pose. With a stronger core, one is more likely to sit & stand "tall." Yoga also helps in body awareness.



The exercise balances the right and left sides of the brain and body, and can be used to calm and bring a sense of clarity to an overstimulated mind.



Better focus & concentration, improved self-awareness & self-esteem, lower levels of stress and anxiety.

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online yoga

Hello Guys! If you are want to improve in your fitness levels then Always live Yoga is the place for you. your body, mind and soul feels great after yoga sessions .
These are well crafted yoga sessions for a variety of health benefits and weight loss . Perfect for those who want to learn about the yoga practice & may be too uncomfortable to go to an offline class. I have Learned so much  from Neha ma’am. She is Extremely patient and always encouraging , I have found my comfort with her and can already see the positive changes in my body and mind. She creates yoga unique lessons and highly knowledgeable about the different yoga styles ..Overall I would highly recommend these sessions to everyone as it creates a positive impact on your  lifestyle

Yoga at Home

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Professionally Curated Yoga For Kids

Always Live Yoga has finely curated yoga for kids classes that encompasses all positions and yoga poses for children. Our expertly made kids yoga classes are loved not only by children but proudly opted by the parents around the world. The postures for kids yoga are tailored in order to elevate the mood and flexibility of your kids. All of the postures or asanas are natural and by every day doing so, your kids can get accustomed to them. Children's yoga posture incorporates all of a toddler's daily activities in order to instill more energy and confidence in their personality. 

Most importantly, yoga for kids improves awareness of the body, breath, and mind through properly classified yoga poses for kids. Due to the numerous distractions that teenagers face, various exercises are built to boost stamina through kids yoga. 

Join our kids yoga class sessions as a free trial and see the difference all yourself. 

Who Can Do Online Kids Yoga Exercises?

According to research conducted in the United States, the optimal age for children to practice yoga is between the ages of 6 and 15. As per the experts, every child with the appropriate mental and physical health can practice yoga for kids under proper guidance, at least in the beginning. This is done to prevent putting one's health in danger. At Always Live Yoga, we provide experienced yoga trainers who have been nurturing yoga for children for years. They are not only curating perfect yoga steps for kids but also for adults. Our yoga trainers deal with complex body structures and less flexibility in adults as well as energetic and highly flexible kids. When we work with kids, it is all about channeling such a huge amount of energy into a more containing zone and towards positivity through yoga for children. 

Kids can begin practicing yoga steps for kids even in the initial stages if they are able to deal with and master the postures appropriately. Sign in today and get a free bundle of lessons to know more about our techniques and style of teaching yoga. 


Benefits Of Yoga For Children or Kids

According to new research, when autistic youngsters are taught and encouraged to do yoga on a daily basis, the results are better. Kids yoga teaches self-acceptance, which is a very important factor in today's environment. 

It teaches children as well as youngsters like teenagers or people in their 20s to appreciate themselves for who they are, despite life's imperfections. Let’s talk about various benefits of kids yoga in today’s modern world:

Deal with anxieties: The deep breathing and relaxation asanas taught via kids yoga practice can assist youngsters with stress management. Teaching children how to cope with stress in a healthy way is a vital skill that will benefit them both as kids and as adults.

Helps in emotional management: Another advantage of yoga for children is that it teaches them to remain in the present moment while unwinding and obtaining a serene frame of mind, which enhances their emotional control.

Improves self-esteem: Yoga may do wonders for a child's self-esteem by perfecting a posture or increasing their balance and flexibility.

Develops body awareness and positivity:  Practicing a range of yoga positions teaches youngsters about their bodies and the movements they are capable of.

Boosts attention & memory: One of the most significant advantages of kids' yoga is that the various types of yoga asanas or poses encourage children to focus on their memory abilities, which can then improve their academic progress.

Builds their strength and flexibility: Yoga strengthens children's growing bodies and improves their flexibility along with the physical and mental progression while enhancing their body immunity from the inside.

Develops discipline and curbs impulsive behavior: Structured yoga lessons can help to lessen disruptive behaviors by giving youngsters a physical outlet to express themselves. It also helps in clearing their tangled thoughts and mastering their stances.

Yoga teaches us that ‘we all are different and unique, and this is what makes every living being special’. Adults can also do yoga with kids to boost their willing power and interest in yoga. At Always Live Yoga you can sign in for adult yoga classes along with kids yoga classes to make the combo beneficial for your whole family. 

Myths Busted For Online Yoga 

Is yoga just about stretches? Is yoga good for females only? If I do yoga, will I become Hindu? 

Some parents believe that children's yoga is against their faith because it is an outgrowth of Hinduism. As Salsa dance comes from Cuba, Karate and Judo basically originated in Japan, similarly, yoga is also a proud production of Hindus but doing so does not change one's faith. Yoga is not just an indoor practice but it is highly dependent on the yoga practitioner where and how she/he wishes to do it. Yoga for children and adults not only strengthens your muscles but also your bones and the complete organ working in one body. But it is always advised to attempt complex yoga movements and postures as per the directions of the experienced yoga trainer and at Always Live Yoga, you can select the best yoga trainers for your daily yoga practice.

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