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Why Join AlwaysLiveYoga?

We believe, our purpose in life is to serve the world in ways matching our unique personalities.

To do this well for a longtime, needs a fit body & mind.

Everyday for hours, we follow wrong postures for sleeping, sitting, walking. Our mind is stressed for many reasons. Yoga & meditation can counter this damage & prevent problems from getting bigger. 

We bring you highly qualified trainers from Rishikesh, land of yoga. Take personal or group  classes & make a lifelong habit to be yoga fit.

online yoga
online yoga
online yoga
online yoga
online yoga

Live & Interactive,

Beginner Friendly

Classes All Seven Days

Small Batches, All Day

Flexible Timings,

Join Any Class Any Day

Masters degree trainers

Meditation + Face Yoga 

Diet Chart Counsel, Medical issues support

Yoga at Home

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All day live classes from 5am to 9.30pm. Join any batch, any day as per your schedule.

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Wear comfortable clothes, roll out your mat/dhurrie & set your phone/laptop few feet away.

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online yoga

Hello Guys! If you are want to improve in your fitness levels then Always live Yoga is the place for you. your body, mind and soul feels great after yoga sessions .
These are well crafted yoga sessions for a variety of health benefits and weight loss . Perfect for those who want to learn about the yoga practice & may be too uncomfortable to go to an offline class. I have Learned so much  from Neha ma’am. She is Extremely patient and always encouraging , I have found my comfort with her and can already see the positive changes in my body and mind. She creates yoga unique lessons and highly knowledgeable about the different yoga styles ..Overall I would highly recommend these sessions to everyone as it creates a positive impact on your  lifestyle


Meet Some of Our Trainers

All our trainers have a Masters degree, are experienced & trained to teach yoga in online format. They make sure you are doing the poses correctly & keep you motivated to reach your health goals. 

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How Yoga Changes Our Lives

learn more

Helps you sleep better

Improves flexibility & fitness 

Reduces stress levels 

Improves attention & concentration


Meet Our Advisors

Our main goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to start & sustain your yoga practice. Whether you want to move your body, reach spiritual growth, or be more present, we know you’ll benefit from our service. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our yoga family.

always live yoga

Sandeep Agarwalla

MA Yoga Psychology 

always live yoga

Seema Anand

Master, Tantric Meditation

Head of Yoga at Ananda Resort, Rishikesh. Creator of Dhyana program. 20+ yrs. experience.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach based in UK. Healer, Author, Mythologist, Narrative practitioner.

always live yoga
online yoga

Dr. B.K. Bandre

Ph.D. , D.Litt. Yoga Advisor

Dr. Shreejan Sita

PhD.  Integrated Medicine

40+years of distinguished service of Yoga worldwide, as a teacher, advisor & author.

30+ years yoga veteran based in USA. Author. Director, Yoga Programs, Shri Jasnath Asan.

Our Operations Team

always live yoga
always live yoga

MHA, Administrator

MBA, Entrepreneur

15+ years working in healthcare across India as an administrator. Passionate about yoga.

20+ years of working in India, US & UK as an entrepreneur. Fitness enthusiast  

Strengthen Your Aura With Yoga 

Explore yoga on your terms and practice it at your pace. At Always Live Yoga, our trainers and yoga gurus help you to channel your positive aura physically and mentally with the help of the right styles of yoga. Without the help of an instructor, one may end up practicing the wrong postures which may result in giving harsh results. Therefore, it is always recommended to do yoga under the rightful instruction of an adept yoga instructor. 

Always Live Yoga offers the best online yoga classes, not only for beginners but also for experienced yoga practitioners. On our platform, you can attend live yoga classes or see videos of our online yoga classes taught by our highly certified and motivated instructors. If you are searching for online yoga classes for beginners or online yoga classes for weight loss, Always Live Yoga is the best place for you.

How to Do Online Yoga

There are many benefits of doing yoga, and one great way to enjoy these benefits is by practicing online. In this article, we will explore how to do online yoga and the different types of yoga you can practice.

The Benefits of Doing Yoga:

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy and fit both mentally and physically. Some of the key benefits of doing yoga include:

- improved flexibility
- increased strength
- better concentration and focus
- reduced stress levels
- improved breathing control

The Different Types of Yoga You Can Do Online:

There are many different types of yoga that you can do online. Some of the most popular types include:

1) Hatha Yoga – This type is good for beginners as it focuses on basic poses and breathing techniques.
2) Vinyasa Yoga – This type is more challenging than Hatha Yoga, but it offers a lot of health benefits. It combines breath work with flowing movements.

3) Ashtanga Yoga – This type is very rigorous and demanding, but it produces amazing results if practiced regularly.

4) Iyengar Yoga – This type is known for its attention to detail when it comes to posture and alignment.

5) Yin Yoga – This type features slow and gentle stretches that target the connective tissues in the body

You can easily locate the precise class you're looking for by simply sorting the results by level, teacher, time, emphasis, etc. A low-cost subscription to Always Live Yoga gives you access to both short lessons and full-length sessions that are uniquely designed to suit your lifestyle. Join 60-minute live & interactive yoga classes for weight loss centered on the alignment of body. Our enjoyable classes allow you to nurture your body and mind while increasing your inner power.

Attend Live Yoga Classes Online At Anytime

How to Do Yoga on the Internet

Yoga is a great way to stay in shape and improve your mental health, but it can be difficult to find a yoga class that fits into your schedule. In this article, we will explore how to do yoga online and the benefits of this type of yoga.

The Benefits of Doing Yoga Online:

There are many benefits of doing yoga online, including:

- Convenience: You can do yoga online at any time of day or night that fits into your schedule. There are no set times or locations, so you can practice from anywhere in the world.

- Flexibility: You can choose from a wide variety of classes and styles that fit your needs and interests. There is something for everyone when it comes to online yoga classes.

- Cost Savings: Many online yoga classes are free or offered at a lower cost than traditional studio classes. This makes them more affordable for people of all incomes.

Do yoga at your own pace and without disturbing the rhythm of your daily life with Always Live Yoga. You can view an online yoga session that emphasizes a particular area of the body or one that provides variations on conventional positions. We bring experts, who are highly motivated, teaching yoga asanas for decades and are known to many through their wonderful yoga transformations. With Always Live Yoga, you can now get personal yoga classes online as well, no matter where you are. The classes will be tailored as per your requirements, specific goals, your daily schedule, time duration and budget. We also offer pregnancy yoga classes online and prenatal yoga online, which will be best if you are about to welcome a new life into this world. You can also opt for personal online yoga classes for weight loss if you wish to shape up your body or strive to make a healthy start. 

With us, you'll be able to watch tailored yoga lessons to learn more about standing or sitting postures, ab workouts, twists, inversions, and other topics. With our wide range of interesting sessions, you may begin or rejuvenate your own yoga practice.

Sign up today and start your free trial with our online yoga classes and get the best offers. 

Authentic Online Yoga Classes For Beginners 

Allow your house to serve as your personal yoga studio. Now anyone can stream live and interactive yoga sessions with Always Live Yoga on their preferred device and at their suitable time. You may also take online yoga classes and watch tutorials at your leisure. Experience an all-levels therapeutic class or an intermediate practice that generates energy in the body. 

Check out our exclusive videos on yoga techniques for fine-tuning your posture. We can even notify you via email when a new inspired lesson or exciting challenge is available. Our inclusive, low-cost workshops can help you stay committed to a regular practice. Always Live Yoga also provides guided yoga meditation and breath practice by experienced yoga online trainers. 

Not a member yet? 

Sign up for a free trial and start doing yoga online right away!

Weight Loss Is Easy Now With Personalized Yoga Online 

Yoga emphasizes a healthy lifestyle by strengthening your body's core muscles, which will help you look healthier and better than ever before. Yoga online classes are a great way to get started on your journey to a better life for individuals who work and sit for lengthy periods of time.

If you practice yoga on your own, there is a high possibility of doing it in the wrong ways or performing postures that may irreversibly affect your body. When you work out with our yoga online trainer and experts, you will receive adequate advice and yoga guidelines to help you avoid injury.

Yoga practice focuses on harmonizing your mind and body. For many people who work in a demanding atmosphere, stress and a hurried lifestyle might be the primary cause of weight gain. Well, now you can say goodbye to the unhealthy shape and get back to a healthy lifestyle again by simply including the essentials of yoga. The goal of yoga is to cleanse your mind, find equilibrium, and improve your metabolism.

Contact our specialist today and talk with one of our yoga online trainers to get a clear picture and discuss your specifics. 

Step Into Motherhood With Prenatal Yoga Online Classes 

Parenthood is one of the most powerful physical and emotional experiences you will ever have. This amazing period may also be a fantastic chance for growth. By giving a gentle and effective workout, prenatal and postnatal yoga may provide a supportive approach for you to bond with your body and baby. At Always Live Yoga, you can find a video for every health requirement, whether you want to practice for ten minutes or an hour! 

Although yoga is considered a safe type of exercise, everybody is different, so it's crucial to talk to your healthcare practitioner to get to know better ways to achieve your goals. Yoga during pregnancy aids in the development of physical strength and flexibility, the development of balance and coordination, the enhancement of circulation, and the promotion of relaxation.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get in touch with us today and book your next yoga class online. 

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