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Corporate Services

custom programs for your team's wellbeing

Corporate Programs

We offer experts from varied field of wellness on-demand. We also work with corporates for special events and retreats. Bring the power of guided meditations and yoga, proven to help improve sleep, focus, patience, and relieve everyday stress to your team today. Below are some additional services;

Yoga Therapy

Pregnancy Yoga

Private sessions

Yogic Diet Consultation

Ayurveda consultation

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online yoga

Hello Guys! If you are want to improve in your fitness levels then Always live Yoga is the place for you. your body, mind and soul feels great after yoga sessions .
These are well crafted yoga sessions for a variety of health benefits and weight loss . Perfect for those who want to learn about the yoga practice & may be too uncomfortable to go to an offline class. I have Learned so much  from Neha ma’am. She is Extremely patient and always encouraging , I have found my comfort with her and can already see the positive changes in my body and mind. She creates yoga unique lessons and highly knowledgeable about the different yoga styles ..Overall I would highly recommend these sessions to everyone as it creates a positive impact on your  lifestyle

Yoga at Home

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“Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.”

 B.K.S. Iyengar

More Productive Corporate Yoga For Your Team

Everyone’s lifestyle has become a hurricane in this daily hustle and bustle of corporate life. People seek refuge from this by holding hopes for annual vacations that will somehow rejuvenate their mental and physical health. But, is that it? Does this annual holiday time have the potential to eliminate all the toxicity from your body? Can it really so quickly power up your mental health? 

Not really!

Your body needs time to relax, rejuvenate and mentally prepare itself again for the continuation of the corporate lifestyle’s hustle bustle. And even a week’s holiday in a year does not make up for it. One needs to heal their body from the inside gradually, every day and every time systematically. To achieve this, corporate yoga is one of the best solutions while being productive every day. You can sign in today for our corporate yoga classes with the industry’s best corporate yoga trainers. ALY offers online live yoga all day for corporate and professionals and thus, it is easy for everyone to attend the classes or watch a recording of them at a later time. 

Get in touch with us to get complete information!

Best Workplace Yoga For All

Always Live Yoga’s corporate yoga sessions are expertly curated for individuals while focusing on the most common health issues in workplaces, such as:

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Poor posture or Spinal cord disfigurement

  • High cholesterol

  • General respiration problems

  • Obesity

The list is much longer but the percentage of people complaining regarding these issues is higher and more intense. So, the corporate yoga trainers at Always Live Yoga have curated relaxing yet intensive sessions of yoga for corporate employees. 

Types & Benefits Of Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga is a broad notion that refers to functioning happily in the middle of a frenetic corporate atmosphere. According to the World Health Organization worldwide survey, depression is the second most debilitating illness in the corporate world, after only cardio-vascular disorders.

Long work hours, multi-tasking, tough competition, arduous commuting, erratic eating habits, desk-bound desk occupations, and poor sitting postures all contribute to a workforce that is extremely stressed, inefficient, and consequently despondent. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, companies in the USA lose $70 billion each year employee absenteeism, lost productivity, and impairment caused by mental anguish.

It is a loss for both sides when the organization turns a blind eye to its employees' health. Infusion of corporate yoga helps to prevent it and benefits both the company and employees in multiple ways. 

Beneficial for employees:

  • Improves concentration, decision-making abilities, and capacity to handle heavy workloads

  • Boosts confidence

  • Treats head, neck, and back pain, sleeplessness, carpal tunnel syndrome, excessive blood pressure, and work-related injuries 

  • More satisfaction in the workplace

  • Improvement in attitude towards work

  • Treats stress-related diseases and memory loss

  • Increases productivity, attention, and clarity 

Beneficial for the company:

  • Reduces health-care costs associated with stress 

  • Less absenteeism of employees and disability claims

  • High rise productivity

  • More peaceful work environment

  • Improves overall morale

  • Improved client service

  • Employee turnover is lower

  • More contented workforce

Professional Yoga Trainers For Corporate Yoga Sessions

When opting for yoga for corporate and professionals, choose the experienced and certified yoga trainers at Always Live Yoga. The yoga gurus at ALY are trained and have decades of experience in handling various complexities that appear while practicing yoga. Our corporate yoga trainers can also assist in the nutrition and diet schedules of the yoga practitioner to maximise the overall benefits. 

Furthermore, online Yoga classes are extremely advantageous since geographical and other constraints become unimportant on the internet. With Always Live Yoga, you get the chance to stay connected with the yoga trainer at all times. If you have any queries or confusion, you can always get in touch with your trainer. Also, constant monitoring is required to track progress by pre-and post-assessment measures. So, we recommend you or your group be in touch with the course instructor.

If you are not sure as of now, you can opt for our free trial of corporate yoga sessions to get an idea of the level and exercise requirements (if any).  

Flexible Corporate Yoga Programs

What's even more intriguing now is the rise of popularity of online corporate Yoga sessions, which are gaining traction with businesses all around the world. The corporate yoga programs of Always Live Yoga have brought a fresh outlook to corporate health by making world-class Yoga training by specialists available in the constraints of an enclosed environment of the offices in locations across the world. Live and interactive Yoga sessions delivered straight to the company's rooms and cubicles with a group of participants are a perfect fit for most organisations since the sessions can be tailored to accommodate the schedules and space restrictions of companies as well as the unique demands of participants.

Always Live Yoga is the nation's top Yoga organisation, illuminating the richness and complexity of human potential through the merging of the ancient practice of Yoga and modern science. Our corporate yoga trainers have more than a decade of expertise in the ancient science of life and have always had a vision for ALY. 

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